Sweet healthy/vegan/macrobiotic apples

Sweet healthy apples

Sweet healthy apples



8 Apples

2 handful of nuts

A handful of raisins


* Wash the apples, peel them,

1.Pilling an apple









and pull out the seeds inside.

2.Cleaning apple seeds









* Put the miso pasta in the suribachi in the size of a grain of almond, and add a little water.

6.A  tablespoon of water and miso in a suribachi









* Toast the  nuts and then put them in suribachi.

4.Toasting nuts









* Add a handful of raisins in the suribachi and stir.

9.Nuts, miso and raisins








* Full the apples with this  mixture.

10.Filling of apples









* Put the apples steam for five minutes.


1 tablespoon barley malt extract

1 tablespoon tahini

1-2 drops of lemon juice


12. Tahini, barley malt exstract and water









* Mix the tahini and barley malt extract with a little water until you get a mixture like caramel.

13.Spilling over apples









* When the apples become soft, spill them from above with dressing as caramel.

Sweet healthy apples

* If you use integral tahini instead of an ordinary it will look like the apples are sealed with melted chocolate.



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