The adventure of one tomato

A delicate adventure of a tomato soup

 Delicate adventure of tomato soup

Today I picked four tomatoes from my parents’ garden. Their smell and taste were feast for my senses, yet, I decided to make a soup out of them. What kind of soup would be the one made of tomatoes only? A lonely tomato soup?

I went to the garden again and picked one onion, two carrots, a celery root, and some parsley leaves. I started to clean the vegetables and arranged it in a pot. I set out a delicate adventure trying to make a soup of tomatoes which were not going to be lonely.

I washed the tomatoes asking myself if by separating them from their stalk I am somehow aborting their relationship with the soil, the water, the sun, the moon, or the relationship they have with one another. Who am I, and what gives me the right to push these tomatoes painted in the color of passion, into loneliness?

Cutting the onion into cubes, I couldn’t decide who was crying. Was it me, because I separated the onion from its environment, or was it the onion himself because the incision of the blade was hurting him.

I was cutting the carrots too, watching them right into their inner energetic eye, which seemed to thank me for leaving it whole, cutting the carrots into ovals first. I believe that the gratitude disappeared when I cut the ovals into stripes, and the stripes into cubes. Most probably the carrots have forgiven me for destroying their original form, and I feel they are happy because their transformed energy helps us keep our health.

This unusual state of my mind today made me think that the soup I made was not only an adventure to me, but to the tomatoes and the other vegetables also. My thoughts and my mind have pulled them into the delicate world of the adventurers. That is why I called the soup, “A delicate adventure of a tomato soup”.



4 tomatoes

2 carrots

½  celery root

1  onion head

2 celery stalks

700 ml. water

1 teaspoon of sea salt

handful of parsley leaves



* Clean the onion and cut it into cubes.


* Clean the carrots and cut them  into cubes.


* Clean the celery root, and cut it into cubes.

Celery root

* Wash and cut the celery stalks.

Celery stalks

* Peel the tomatoes and cut them into cubes.

Tomatoes in a pot

* Add water and leave it to boil.

Water in a pot

* 10 minutes before it’s done add sea salt,

Sea salt

* 5 minutes before the end add а handful of parsley leaves.


One serving of this delicious delicate adventure of tomato soup and my thoughts disappeared,

Delicate adventure of tomato soup

my inner being has become quiet.



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