Tofu sandwiches which soften your heart

Tofu sandwiches recipe

Tofu sandwich

Tofu sandwich


Ingredients for two sandwiches

150 gr. tofuIngredients

1 tea spoon miso paste as a filling

(½ teaspoon miso paste for each sandwich)

4 strips of  nori algae, 2 strips for each one

(nori algae can be replaced with Swiss chard)

2 circles carrot (for decoration)

1 onion (for decoration)

Shoju – soy sauce


* Cut the tofu into two pieces along its length.








* Cut two pieces of two pieces again to get 4 pieces.

 Tofu on 4 pices







* Insert ½ tablespoon of miso between the two pieces as filling.

 Miso between tofu pices







* Attach strips of Swiss chard around the sandwich.

Sandwiches ready for frying







* If strips are from nori  algae, algae should get wet in the water to get stuck on a sandwich.

Sandwiches in a pot







* Put oil in a pan.








* Place the sandwiches in the hot oil.

Frying from the all 6 sides







* Fried sandwiches  from all six sides very short as golden.

Tofu sandwiches

* You can combine them with different types of food or eat with onion rings as I have done this time.

I like this proverb – “Have a mouth as sharp as a dagger, but a heart as soft as tofu.”- Chinese proverbs

Who knows, maybe if we eat tofu from time to time, our heart will become softer. :)

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