Unusual taste of the red plums and green peppers salad

Red plums and green peppers salad

Read plums salad



20 red plums  Ingedients

10 green peppers

5 -7  cloves of garlic

100 gr. sunflower seeds

1 bunch parsley

2 pinch of sea or Himalayan salt




* Put the plums in a pot for steam cooking  5-7 minutes to soften.

Soften red plums








* Put the peppers in a pot for steam cooking to soften.

Soften peppers

* Peel the cooled plums.

Cleaned plums









* Cut the cooled peppers into pieces.

Cuted peppers


* Cut the peeled plums into crescents.

Cutted plums








* Put one teaspoon of sea salt in a hot pot to be toasted 2-3 minutes and place them in the suribachi.

Toasted sea salt









* Put 100g. sunflower seeds in a hot pot to be toasted 3-5 minutes stirring continuously to the left and the right. Be careful do not burn the seeds.

Toasted sunflower seeds









* Add the toasted sunflower seeds on the sea salt in a suribachi  and mix the salt and sunflower seeds.

* Add the mashed sunflower seeds to the chopped plums.

Sunflower seeds








* Add the finely chopped  parsley to the sunflower seeds.










* Add finely chopped or grated garlic.










* Add the grated  tomato and mix all ingredients.


You do not have to decorate this salad, unusual taste will win.


Red plums and green peppers salad


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