What is macrobiotics ?

What is macrobiotics?


* Macrobiotics is a creative cooking.

* It is an intuitive cooking.

* It is supreme art, harmony.

* We should cook with love and pleasure, turning the act of cooking into    meditation. It is actually a meditation.


*  Only when in a positive mood while cooking, can we put in a healing power throughout the meal. If we’re not in the mood for cooking, it is better not to cook at all.

* All dishes we will cooked with negative energy, adversely affect us.

* Especially if we prepare gomasio (sesame salt) with negatve energy, we should not eat it, because  gomasio is prepared to be consumed during the whole week, so we will apsorb that energy and we will feel bad every day of the week.

*In macrobiotics are used 50% cereals, 25% / 30% vegetables and 15% / 20% legumes.


* Macro – bios – has a Greek origin and means a long and healthy life.

* Principles of macrobiotics are applicable in each region and can be incorporated into modern lifestyle.

* Macrobiotics has ancient roots. It was an universal amd cosmopolitan philosophy of a civilization that existed on a planetary level, but disappeared due to demolition. The few who survived underwent changes. The most plausible learning was preserved on East.

* Three Chinese Emperors cherished the philosophy –

* The first king defines the term Yin as a dashed line, and Yang as closed circular line and based on these combinations succeded in making changes to the minutest particles.


* The second king applied al thiss in the cultivation of certain crops.

* The third – The Yellow Chinese Emperor specified how food affects the health of the organism, the meridians in the body. That is an ongoing road even now, and we are on it, when materialization reaches its maximum, when energy start to move up instead of going down. It is therefore necessary the awakening of humanity and human consciousness.


We have to remember this. It is true.  Food   realy  determines our destiny.

* George Ohsawa made systematization of all this. He was suffering from tuberculosis at the age of 12 and all his family were ill, but he managed to recover at the age of 18 and founded the school with seven students.

*Michio Kushi and Aveline Kushi were students of George Ohsawa.

Dr. Levy who lives on the Pyrenees and Muromoto – in America, and in spite  in food, he is tea – oriented also, which is the essence of macrobiotics.


* George Ohsawa – Macrobiotics is a path that bring us to happiness through a balanced food. A simple way of treating with simple natural food and that way achieving happiness. He says that today’s medicine is treating symptoms, not the root of the illness. The specialist of medicine can not heal the man. When man is ill, the whole body is suffering not just a certain part of it which means that there is an imbalance. Modern medicine has been turned upside down. Doctors worry about the disease, not about the health.


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